Custom art glass tells a story that can be shared.  Light calls to the deepest part of our souls to feel safe and warm, and to have a state of wonder.  I want people to encounter beauty and transformation while being drawn to the light when they experience my glassworks. 

Beautiful, custom-designed glass art should live where you live. Light your space. Impress your guests. Inspire your spirit.   Art glass lighting & sculpture that enhance your environment is an investment in quality of life.

Illuminata’s “sweet spot” is designing , creating, and installing  stunning artistic lighting or sculptural solutions  that become the centerpiece of your space.

Call Studio Illuminata today to discuss your custom lighting or permanent sculptural addition to your residence or corporate space.    All works come with UL Certified for Electrical Installation and are Signed by the Artist. 


I've been a fan of Julie's work for years, having had the pleasure of viewing her pieces in numerous public installations and shows. My respect for her process and craft multiplied when I commissioned her to do custom work for my loft. Julie not only took the time to meet me to collaborate on the vision for the work, she made multiple visits to my space and did an excellent job of not only picking up visual cues from the environment but extending the vibe and complimenting the other pieces on display. She's a real pro from concept all the way to install.

– Shawn Bainbridge, Omaha, NE

The glasswork that Julie created for me in the kitchen area above the island sink absolutely defines the open space.  Descending with a strong swirl, it holds a spacious globe that is traditional, yet with a delightfully contemporary presence.  Functional –and a gorgeous piece of art!"

– MR, Salina KS

Julie’s work is so  unique that every time I see it, something new appears.  We love our lights and are already thinking of new projects!

– LYR Omaha, NE