Illuminations - Conversations About Art and Glass

Light Year

Why are we driven to accomplish things learn new skills and find our passion?   I have been asking myself that for quite sometime.  For me, it has been light.  I can spend hours studying how light dapples through the leaves of trees, and find inspiration of sunlight coming through a New Mexico rainstorm, and lose myself in the cloud formations and rainbows of Seattle.  How does light effect our daily lives?    It is our most primal instinct to feel safe and warm.  Light can help us feel like we belong and to fend off the monsters in the shadows.   It can also attract us, like the moth,  and give us guidance or inspiration or draw us into a good marketing ploy.   Light for me is the expansion of space and thought and the setting of the tone of our human experience.

Upcoming news!   May will be a busy month for Illuminata!  A much-anticipated installation of custom glass lighting will be installed at the 4seaspendsFour Seasons Hotel in Seattle.  The new restaurant is opening as the newest project of phenom local chef, Ethan Stowell.  Stay tuned for opening dates!

I will be heading out to Madison, WI to install a large commissioned art glass chandelier for the lobby of the impressive Ovation 309, a luxury loft condo building downtown.   I have been working  in close collaboration with their project managers and architects and general contractors to coordinate the fabrication of all the glass and metal for this focal artwork to be suspended at 26 feet high.  Cannot wait to see this come together!

I am honored to be part of a panel presentation during the NYCxDESIGN week in coordination with ICFF in May.   Toni Sykes, founder of CODAworx is hosting a panel called “Powered by Collaboration” with a focus on collaboration in design.   The presentation is at the Cooper Union School Friday May 15, @ 11am.    For more information, or to attend the event, contact me here