Design Blast Egypt 2023  << link

Did anyone say DREAMS COME TRUE?
Yes dear fans and friends, I made my life-long goal of seeing EGYPT happen
in February 2023. I don’t think there are words in our language that can
describe the incredible designs, scale, geometry, and perfection of these
massive mysterious sites. I am back in the studio and cannooootttt wait to
see what comes from so much inspiration. I have wanted to go here since I
was a child and I made the adventure with a friend and our new Egyptian
friend who runs specialized micro tours. Everything from Giza to Hurghada to
Luxor & Cairo. BLEW ME AWAY! Loved every single second.
The master building skills, lighting design, geometry of structures, the scale
of solid sculptures, the hieroglyphic language, and how the glyphs cover
every single space on columns, walls and ceilings and everywhere.
Knowledge of architecture, art, design, fashion, advertising, religion, make
up, aesthetics, language, travel, calendars, farming schedules, astronomy,
math, and on and on and on. Everything we know can go back to an
Egyptian history.
Thanks for letting me nerd out here–
but I will share with anyone who wants to know stuff! xx Julie
photo above is my day 1 straight to the Pyramids of Giza. I landed at 230 AM and stayed as close
to the edge of the Pyramids as possible and watched them all night! No Sleep in this energy